Custom made shirts

During the fitting you can adjust the fit to your personal wishes. Our fabrics are carefully selected together with you. You also decide on the collar, the cuff and many other details.

That speaks for a made-to-measure shirt from Atelier Treger

Perfect fit

We make sure your shirt feels like a second skin.

Quality fabrics

There is a variety of quality fabrics to choose from in various colors and patterns. From casual to elegant. You can choose from cotton, linen, merino or flannel.


We will replace your first shirt if it doesn't fit.


Made-to-measure shirt from CHF 230.-

As soon as you close the first button, you know that your tailor-made shirt has been sewn for you. In contrast to off-the-rack shirts, a tailor-made shirt fits comfortably and is as wrinkle-free as possible. The collar and cuffs fit and the correct sleeve length is determined at the fitting appointment. Last but not least, care is taken to ensure that a carefully sized collar guarantees a comfortable centimeter of freedom of movement at the neck.

Color inspirations